We are a manufacturer of online gaming software specialized in Fantasy products.

We are a Social Gaming platform, we offer a new and innovative product where the user can create a team, be it super 5, super 7 and super 11and also compete betting with his friends.

What is Fantasy?

Online game

Fantasy is an online game in which the participants become football managers forming a team with real players.


Depending on the performance of these players, they will obtain a score that will establish their position in the ranking.

Worldwide Jackpots

With the payment of the tournament ticket they want to play, they will be eligible for national or worldwide jackpots.

Why differ us?

Our product is a new concept that we call Fantasy Bet, which is played with real money and users choose to win large-scale cumulative jackpots.

Premium functions that can be enabled in virtual currency. The user can follow the points live.

The platform is designed to add any sport that can adapt to the «Fantasy» style of play.

Our platform has the possibility to add as many competitions as the are demanded, such as seasonal, World Cup, etc.

The platform is built on a microservices architecture that allows you to create games that can use all or only some features.

We can customize the RWD service or create a new and that consumes the API.

Possibility to have hybrid Android and iOS apps that can have native features.

Only supplier in Spain

Emara Play is the only certified fantasy bet provider in Spain, not only to create operator tournaments but also to create jackpots among the country’s operators.

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